No. 3 Matina Town Square, Matina, Davao City


A cozy retreat nestled amid a forest of tall pine trees, this four-bedroom cabin has an annex cottage to accommodate up to 14 persons. It is fully equipped with kitchen and dining facilities.

Unit Capacity—Main: 12
No. of Beds—Main: 4 Large beds
Amenities: Sala, Kitchen, Dining Area, 3 T & B, Hot & Cold Showers, TV, Cooking & Dining Wares, Stove, Ref
Distance from Activity Center: 3 Kms.

Ideally situated amidst a forest of pine trees with a magnificent view, is a 2-bedroom cottage with a basement that provides a restful hideaway for groups seeking total privacy.

Unit Capacity in Pax: 10
(with basement)
Room Size—2 rms. @ 3.3m x 3.7m
No. of Beds/Unit: up to 3 beds/rm.
Basement: 6 beds
Amenities: Sala, Veranda, Kitchen, Dining area, Cooking & Diningware, TV, 2 T & B, Hot & cold showers, Refrigerator
Distance from Activity Center: 2 Kms.

Somewhat secluded mountain retreats for large families or intimate friends. For weekend respites or weekday getaways, the mountain villas are blessed with pine-scented breezes and the embracing hush of mother nature that beckons the weary soul to relax, and the fatigued mind to unwind.

Mountain Villa 1 Unit Capacity in Pax: 11
Mountain Villa 2 Unit Capacity in Pax: 5
Amenities: patio, receiving area, dining area, refrigerator, T.V., T & B with hot and cold shower

An intimate hideaway for couples nestled amongst lush greenery overlooking a ravine.

Unit Capacity in Pax: 2
Room Size: 4m x 8m
No. of Beds/Unit : 2
Extra Bed Allowed: 1
Amenities: Patio, T & B, Hot & Cold Shower & Mini Bar
Distance from Activity Center: 100-150m

A stone's throw away and fronting the Holiday Terraces is the Holiday Lodge. With native inspired rooms, and where nature is at your fingertips, these duplex units are an idyllic honeymoon or vacation package.

Unit Capacity in Pax: 2
Room Size: 3.5m x 5.4m
No. of Beds/Unit: 2
Extra Bed Allowed: 1
Amenities: Patio, T & B, Hot & Cold, Shower & Mini Bar
Location: Located near the Holiday Lodge & Organic Vegetable Garden
Distance from Activity Center: 250m

The rooms are situated exactly in the heart of the seminar village, the right place to unwind and relax after a tough day's battle of the brains.

Unit Capacity in Pax: 4
Room Size: 4.10m x 6.85m
No. of Beds/Unit: 4
Extra Bed/s Allowed: 2
Amenities: T & B with Hot & Cold Shower

Located at the center of the Seminar Hall and the Cafeteria, you can jump right into a cozy bed should you need to slow down from the hectic and fiery workshop/conference sessions conducted in any of these function areas.

Unit Capacity in Pax: 2
Room Size: 3.35m x 4.5m
No. of Beds/Unit: 2
Extra Bed Allowed: 1
Amenities: Common T & B with Hot and Cold shower
Location: Within Seminar Village
Distance from Activity Center: 200m



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