Boracay, Philipphines



Over more than a hundred hectares of sprawling and gently rolling land, surrounded by the vast and brilliantly clear blue waters of Boracay, we found paradise. 

Hailed as one of the world's best beaches--with its sugar-fine white sand and cool clean waters--this fine piece of Boracay treasure is now evolving into one of the world's best resort communities-- FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER RESORT GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB in Newcoast, Boracay.



Spread across the center of the island, FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER spans the entire width of Boracay, creating not just one but two stretches of splendid white beaches, each with its own allure and mood to offer--the relaxing quietude of the East Beach for precious moments of solitude or being alone with someone, or simply wallowing in the sea and basking in the sun for a gorgeous tan and the exciting exuberance of the West Beach for lively experiences and festive nightlife. 

The East Beach is also the perfect place to catch the day's first warm rays of the sun as it rises over the horizon. The West Beach is a more romantic setting as it catches the sun's final spectacular burst of color as it sets in the distance. 


For the more vigorous, FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER offers a variety of water sports facilities for endless days of jet skiing, scuba diving, water skiing, snorkeling, para-sailing, mini-cruising, fishing, island cruising, wind surfing, among others. 

The FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER 18-Hole Par 72 World-Class Golf Course inspires another kind of challenge, assuring players of a stimulating golf experience as well as a tough test to one's skills. Australian Master golfer and designer Graham V. Marsh himself designed the course. 


The lush greens and fairways complement the planned cheerful and breathtaking water features created by Living Waters-- gurgling creeks, rushing waterfalls, sparkling lakes, and the like. Creating a stunning whole that enhances Boracay's inherent beauty. A golf course impressive enough to gain recognition as the "Golfing Jewel of the Pacific." 

The upcoming Newcoast Town Center will offer unique experiences and fun-filled activities. Gathered here will be prime establishments for every possible need


The village clubhouse sitting on 6,000 square meters of rolling terrain provides full-service amenities for the entire family. Condotel units totalling 108 shelter the Club's guests in style and first-class comfort. 

Sports like tennis, basketball, tenpin bowling, working out and aerobics will be enjoyed here. 

Large swimming pools with glistening cascades will offer other refreshing ways to luxuriate in pristine waters. 

A complete lineup of specialty shops and stores will include pro shops to answer every possible requirement, from suntan lotion to good books to professional sports gear

What about a serenely elegant church and a clinic for more basic needs. 

Look forward to an enchanting Play Port with its shipwrecked Spanish Galeon called "Fantasy Finder" that will thrill the children as they dart to and fro among the slides, swings, teeter-totters, climb structures, a sand play area, a splash pool, all of which are exclusively dedicated to the joy and imagination of children. A children's club room will serve as a "day-care center" to assure parents that their kids are being cared for even when they are not with the little ones. Exciting children's activity programs also assure parents, even while having fun of their own, that their children will not be bored as they take part in various island adventures like "Kids Island Expedition" and the "Treasure Treat Scavenger Hunt." 

Still within the planned Newcoast Town Center, a movie theater and a lounge theater showcase classics, cartoons, stage performances, and live shows, with the lounge theater allowing occupants to order cocktails or a variety of appetizing snacks and light meals while watching. Restaurant and grills offer tasty native dishes for hearty appetites. 

The Club is equipped with its own private jetty to accommodate its own ferry boat, the "First Lady," and some of its water sports facilities. A working lighthouse will serve as a graceful landmark. At night, it will be a guiding beacon for those twilight mariners found in the offshore waters. 


And when it's time to call it a day, existing elegant and comfortable quarters await all Club Owners and guests. 

There are also a very limited number of existing condos available for sale on the 9th Hole

Astute buyers should contact us today.

To establish its world-class stature, FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER is also the first resort community in the country to become a member of Interval International, a resort exchange company and an industry leader respected for its high standards and constant emphasis on member satisfaction. 

Through Interval International, FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER is linked to some 1,400 resorts worldwide, giving the Club's Owners the opportunity to visit these places through the Club's International Exchange Network. This means that Owners of FAIRWAYS & BLUEWATER may exchange their benefits with equivalent benefits at a different resort in another part of the world. 



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